Changes in the pattern of the Exit Exams for GP Rating and CCMC courses conducted by the BEST- reg

Training Circular No. 05 of 2011

No: TR/POL/2(2)/2011                                                                                               Dated: 7th June, 2011

Subject : Changes in the pattern of the Exit Exams for GP Rating and CCMC courses conducted by the BEST- reg

Presently the Exit Examinations for the General Purpose (GP) Rating and Certificate Course in Maritime Catering [CCMC] rating are conducted through the Board of Examination for Seafarers Trust (BEST). These Exit Examination include written, practical and oral examination.

It has been observed that in the present pattern of their written examination, a student can get the minimum passing marks by attending to only a limited segment of the objective and pictorial type of questions. In order to make the assessment system more competitive and remove a lopsided assessment of the students thereof, the present pattern of the said examination was reviewed by the Directorate General of Shipping in its 23rd Collegium meeting held hereon 31.03.2011, in which the representatives of the industry were also present. After discussions, the Collegium has recommended some modifications in the existing pattern of the said Exit Exams.

In view of the Collegium's recommendations, and in partial modification of the Annexure 4 of the Training Circular No.9 of 2010 and Annexure 3 of the Training Circular No.7 of 2010 of this office on the subject, the following revision in the existing pattern of the Exit Exams for GP and CCMC rating courses is introduced :

  1. Mandatory answering of a certain number of questions from each section of their written papers i.e objective, pictorial and short answers paper is introduced for both GP Rating and CCMC exams. Although the minimum passing marks fixed for written exam in the aggregate is 60%, the candidate has to obtain at least 50% marks in each such section of the said written exams. This change will be effective from the June, 2011 Exit Exams.
  2. For objective type questions, an online test will be introduced on a voluntary basis from the June, 2011 Exam for GP Rating course but the same shall be made mandatory only from the December, 2011 Exit Exam. The willingness of the institutes ready to have such online tests be asked to start the online tests for the June, 2011 Exit Examination on a pilot mode. Those who are not willing, will be permitted to continue with the existing pattern for the June, 2011 Exam but from the December, 2011 Exams, the online exam will be made mandatory for all the institutes.
  3. However, for the CCMC course, the online examination for objective type questions will be mandatory from the June, 2011 examination.
  4. For repeaters who do not want to take the online examinations, 3 exams will continue to be conducted on the manual pattern, with the introduction of mandatory answering from each section of the written examination.
  5. More weightage, comparatively, will be given to the practical exam and the marks for the oral exam will be reduced.
  6. If any dispute arises from the above arrangement, the same will be dealt legally within the jurisdiction of the High Court of Judicature at Bombay, Mumbai.

This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping & Ex-Officio Additional Secretary to the Government of India.




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