Age criteria for the GP Rating and Saloon Rating courses

Training Circular No. 6 of 2007

No.11-TR(2)/2007-Exit                                                                     Dated: 11th September, 2007

Age criteria for the GP Rating and Saloon Rating courses

The question of revising age criteria for the GP Rating and Saloon Rating courses has been engaging the attention of the Directorate for some past. The matter was inter-alia discussed with the trade bodies, model employers and training institutes in order to explore a wider spectrum of job opportunities for Indian ratings on international fleet. In this context, it was felt by various stakeholders that on a short term perspective, the age restrictions brought out under DGS Circular 7/2005 have helped to change the global perception of the Indian seafarers / ratings as young, hardworking and informed in place of weary, sick and complaining. But in the long run, this restriction has had a severe impact on the rural intake and skill management of ratings. This is because of the fact that as of now, international demand is focused on the competitive technical skills of the ratings as all-rounders, to develop whom, the ratings have to come either from the ITI stream and/or have strong physical attributes and hardworking nature, with no reluctance increasing the sleeves.

A recent report of the Committee on Maritime Employment appointed by the Govt. of India has also recommended maximum induction of rural youth into the Merchant Navy, in view of the fact that in the rural environment, students normally pass out of the schools at approximately 18 to 20 years of age and due to sheer lack of adequate information disseminating to the villages about prosperous career opportunities in Merchant Navy, hardly a few boys take up the marine career. On the one hand, this results in the rural youth not getting inducted into the Merchant Navy, and on the other hand, the industry is famished of potential able-bodied seamen as the white collared urban boys they normally recruit do not take their job seriously resulting in the potential recruiters turning their attention to some Far Eastern nations, providing cheaper manpower at lesser wages and harsher working conditions.

Almost a similar situation is faced by ITI passed candidates who get age-barred by the time they get through with their two year course in any approved ITI training institute under the control of the respective Technical Education Directorate of the State Governments.

After a threadbare discussion with all the stakeholders about these points, it has been decided that beginning from the forthcoming academic session, the maximum age for enrolment of ratings be raised from 20 to 25 years for GP ratings and Saloon Rating courses. Accordingly, this decision shall be implemented from January 2008 batch onwards throughout the country in all the maritime training institutes conducting this course. The above relaxation shall also apply to repeater candidates upto the age of 25, if they are otherwise eligible to take up the exit exam, any day after the issue of this circular.

All other terms and conditions governing this course shall remain unchanged.

This issues with the approval of Director General of Shipping & ex. Officio Additional Secretary to the Govt. of India.


(P H Krishnan)

Dy.Director General of Shipping

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