Introduction of Orientation Course for Catering Personnel qualified Diploma/ Degree in Caterin (Superseded by Circular 9 of 2014)

Training Circular No.7 of 2006

No: 11-TR (8)/2005                                                                                                   Dated: April 05, 2006

Subject : - Introduction of Orientation Course for Catering Personnel qualified Diploma/ Degree in Catering

The Directorate has issued guidelines regarding up gradation of Saloon Rating Course to Certificate Course in Maritime Catering vide Training Circular No. 4 of 2006 dated February 06, 2006.

The issue of availability of catering crew have been deliberated with the Shipping Industry and it has been stated that the candidates having Degree / Diploma in Hotel Management need not undergo Pre sea Course. It was felt that there is ample scope of employment, for such candidates who have qualified in Hotel Management, in cruise shipping and passenger liners. Accordingly, it has been opined, in consultation with Industry, that as these candidates have already acquired Degree / Diploma in subjects having catering specialization, it may not be required for them to under go a full term Saloon Rating Course or other pre sea courses covering such subjects. However, it would be desirable that these candidates under go orientation course for the specific job requirements on board vessels.

In view of the above, it has been decided that such candidates need to undergo a familiarisation & orientation course as per the syllabus indicated vide Annex I & II herewith. The total period of the course including that of the ship visit would be 18 days.

The existing approved training institutes which are presently conducting the Pre - sea Saloon rating course would be permitted to conduct the additional Orientation Course for the candidates who have completed a Degree / Diploma in Hotel Management from recognised and reputed board or the universities and should be in the age between 18 to 25 years. The candidates should have scored a minimum of 40 % marks in English language at 10th / 12th standard examination. The institutes need to obtain the formal approvals for such Orientation Course from the Directorate. The course needs to be conducted by the institutes once in three months and the maximum intake capacity would be limited to 20 candidates in a batch

The candidates will be eligible for issuance of CDC in category of Catering (Saloon ) Rating on successful completion of the above orientation course.

This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping and Secretary to the Government of India.


(PH. Krishnan)

Dy. Director General of Shipping


Orientation Course for Catering Personnel qualified Diploma/ Degree in Catering


1 General 16 -
2 Knowledge of ships & shipping industry 50 16
3 Four courses in Basic Familiarisation & Safety 51 18
  Total 117 34

Total Hrs of Training - 151 hours

Total No. of days - 18 days


Orientation Course for Catering Personnel qualified Diploma/ Degree in Catering




1 Familiarization & Orientation.

Standard Marine Navigational Vocabulary

Elementary Knowledge of Navigation and Seamanship

1 Knowledge of Ships and Shipping Industry.

Shipboard Organisation0

Merchant Ship Types and their functions.

Functions of D.G.Shipping, MMD, SEO, Port Health, Customs, Immigration, Dock Safety Instructor

Signing on/off offences against discipline

Official Log Book

Articles of Agreement, Passport, C.D.C

IMO, SOLAS, STCW 95, ISM Code, Port State Control.

3 Elementary knowledge of Navigation and Seamanship

Corrosion, paints, pigments vehicles.

Preparation of surface for painting.

Maintenance of the galley equipment.

Chipping, Scaling, Painting

Parts of Ship.

Terms defining position and direction of the ship.

Terms defining movement of the ship.

Draught, Load Line

etty, Berth.

Docks, Dry docks

42 8
4 Standard Marine Navigational Vocabulary 08  
  Sub Total 66 hrs 16hrs.
  Total   82 hrs
6 Course in Personal Survival Techniques 10 08
7 Course in Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting. 13 05
8 Course in Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities. 18  
9 Course in Elementary First Aid 10 05
  Sub Total 51 hrs. 18 hrs.
    Total 69 Hours

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