Subject :Upgradation of Saloon Rating Course to a "Certificate Course in Maritime Catering"

Training Circular No. 4 of 2006

No:11-TR(8)/2005                                                                                        Dated:6th February, 2006

Subject :Upgradation of Saloon Rating Course to a "Certificate Course in Maritime Catering"

The Directorate had issued revised guidelines regarding conduct of Saloon Rating Course vide Training Circular No.18 of 2005 dated 16.6.05

The maritime training institutes conduct the training in batches in respect of Saloon Rating course, as per guidelines, with the capacities approved for them by the Directorate. At present the training is conducted in batches by the training institutes, in January, April, July & October every year.

The frequent admissions and examination of saloon rating have put unnecessary constrains on the limited resources in terms of time, energy and money etc. for all stakeholders including candidates, training institute and the Directorate. It has been brought to the notice of the Directorate that if these admissions and exams are conducted only twice a year, as the prescribed course is of six month duration, it will benefit all stake holders including the candidates. It would also balance the supply and demand of saloon personnel in a better manner.

It has been brought out that the present course of Saloon Rating which is a stand alone course with entry standards of 10th pass from any stream, does not offer any progress in their career. It has also been brought out that with the introduction of advanced and improved catering technology, higher entry standards are required. It has also been requested that this course should be linked with additional modular course structure which will allow candidate to acquire a diploma and eventually a degree (in hospitality science or like subject). It is envisaged that this will also increase the employability of such candidates who may get job opportunities on passenger ships and cruise liners also. In addition to this, after certain period of sea service, they may have ample opportunities to work in hospitality sector ashore especially in hotels. They may even get opportunities to work in management cadres after acquiring the appropriate qualification.

The Directorate has entrusted the Board Of Examination for Seafarers (BES), a professional body, with the responsibility of conduct of Exit Examinations for the GP Rating course. However, no exit examination has been introduced for saloon course. Some of the stakeholders of the industry including the recruitment agencies and training institutes conducting such courses, have requested to introduce common an "All India Exit Examination" for saloon course also. This is likely to increase the employment opportunities of such trainees with minimum common standards being followed by all training institutes.

Pursuant to various interactive meetings held with the industry & BES regarding this matter, it has been concluded that there is a need to further streamline the entry standard and commencement of batches, in respect of this Certificate Course in Maritime Catering. This would also facilitate the BES to conduct and co-ordinate the 'All India Exit Examination' for saloon course in better manner.

In view of above, it has been decided that henceforth saloon rating course will be replaced by Certificate Course in Maritime Catering and the minimum entry level for Certificate Course in Maritime Catering courses shall be pass in 10 + 2 from any stream with 40% marks in 12th standard. Similarly, the candidates are required to obtain atleast 40% marks in English either at 10th or 12th standard. A Certificate would be given to the candidate on successful completion of the course and passing of exit examination conducted by BES. This new Certificate Course in Maritime Catering will constitute the first tier of the ultimate degree programme in Catering Technology. The second tier and third tier are being finalized in association with concerned stakeholders and associate organizations including Universities involved in issuance of higher qualification for such courses. Prima facie, the second tier shall constitute additional semesters after completing the first semester of the Certificate Course in Maritime Catering to earn a diploma, and in the third tier, after completing further additional semesters, the candidate will be eligible to obtain a degree. The details of the second tier and third tier shall be notified shortly. < /p>

Henceforth, there will be only two batches of the above certificate course in a year, which need to commence on the first working day of January and July, every year. Each batch will be of six month's duration and needs to be conducted according to the guidelines, as issued by the Directorate vide Training Circular No. 18 of 2005 dated 16.6.05, which shall be applicable to the new course i.e. Certificate Course in Maritime Catering except for entry requirements which shall stand revised as stipulated above.

The training institutes, which have commenced the January 2006 batch for saloon rating, would commence next batch in July 2006. The institutes, which are to commence the April 2006 batch, would be allowed to conduct the course as per their approved capacity. However, the institutes which so opts to conduct the batch in April 2006, would be permitted to commence next following batch of Certificate Course for Maritime Catering only w.e.f. January 2007. The exit examination of the Certificate Course in Maritime Catering would be conducted accordingly at the end of the course. The training institutes are required to stream-line their batches and facilities accordingly. All institutes are advised to strictly adhere to the course guidelines and the sanctioned strength of the batches. The violation, if any, to circumvent the guidelines would be viewed seriously and will be considered as major default. It will entail penalty in accordance with part 5 of DGS Order No. 1 of 2003.

The training institutes are free to approach the Training Branch of the Directorate, in order to clarify any matter regarding conduct of batches by them.

This scheme will come into force with batch commencing from 1st July, 2006.

This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping and Secretary to the Government of India


(Naresh Salecha)

Sr. Dy. Director General of Shipping


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