Conduct of batches for the G.P. Rating Course by various Maritime Training Institutes

Training Circular No. 3 of 2006

No:11-TR(3)/2006                                                                                             Dated:24th January, 2006

Subject :Conduct of batches for the G.P. Rating Course by various Maritime Training Institutes

The General Purpose (GP) Rating Course was introduced on request from the Shipping Industry, in order to ensure enhanced & multiple utility of ratings, on board vessels belonging to shipping companies, worldwide. Accordingly, the erstwhile Deck Rating and Engine Rating courses were adapted to the new guidelines and concept of "General Purpose Rating" was introduced by the Directorate. This ensured higher employability of the Indian seafarers in world market.

The Directorate had promulgated guidelines regarding conduct of GP Rating Courses vide Training Circular No. 3 of 2004 dated 05 Feb 2004. Accordingly various training institutes commenced training w.e.f. 01 April 2004

The maritime training institutes conduct the training in batches in respect of GP rating course, as per guidelines, with the capacities approved for them by the Directorate. At present the training is conducted in batches by the training institutes, in January, April, July & October.

The Directorate has entrusted the Board Of Examination for Seafarers (BES), a professional body, with the responsibility of conduct of Exit Examinations for the GP ratings.

Various interactive meetings were held with the industry & BES regarding this matter and it has been advised that there is a need to further streamline the batches, in respect of the GP rating courses. This would also facilitate the BES to conduct and co-ordinate the 'All India Exit Examination' in better manner.

In view of above, it has been decided that there will be only two batches of GP Rating course, in a year, which need to commence on the first working day of January and July, every year. Each batch will be of six month duration and needs to be conducted according to the guidelines, as promulgated by the Directorate vide Training Circular No 3 of 2004 dated 05th Feb., 2004. The training institutes which have commenced the January 2006 batch, would commence next batch during July 2006. The institutes, which are to commence April 2006 batch, would be allowed to conduct the course as per their approved capacity. However, they would be required to commence next batch only w.e.f. January 2007, there after. The exit examination of these batches for the GP Rating course would be conducted accordingly at the end of the course. The training institutes are required to stream line their batches and facilities accordingly. All institutes are advised to strictly adhere to the course guidelines and the sanctioned strength of the batches. The violation, if any, to circumvent the guidelines would be viewed seriously and will be considered as major default. It will entail penalty in accordance with part 5 of DGS Order No. 1 of 2003.

The training institutes are free to approach the Training Branch of the Directorate, in order to clarify any matter regarding conduct of batches by them.

This will come in to force with immediate effect.

This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping and Secretary to the Government of India.


(Naresh Salecha)

Sr. Dy. Director General of Shipping

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