Visit to ships and ports by ratings during their pre-sea training.

Training Circular No. 15 of 2005

No:11-TR(33)/2005                                                                                Dated: May 30, 2005

Subject : Visit to ships and ports by ratings during their pre-sea training.

In order to standardize final output of Ratings, the Directorate has authorized "Board of Examiners for Seafarers (BES)", a professional Independent Body to conduct All India Exit Examination for GP Rating trainees, on quarterly basis. The 1st examination of its kind was conducted in March, 2005. During the interactive session with BES many suggestion were made by experts, based on their experience of evaluation of 653 ratings. One of the observations made by experts is that such ratings lack clarity due to non-familiarization with ship's practical working. Some of the Ratings have not even seen a ship during their training or have seen it only from outside. This aspect does not send a positive signal to potential employers.

The importance of visits to Ports & Ships need not be overemphasized. This Directorate has already stipulated the requirement of visit to ships in Training Circular 3 of 2004 and in the course guidelines as well as the syllabus.

It is therefore necessary for training institutes to ensure that they arrange to take trainees during the course of their pre sea training to suitable ports and make them visit ships. The details of the ships visited by the ratings should be intimated to the BES in the proforma attached. The information about the visit to the Ships shall be sent by the institutes to the BES along with the application forms of Ratings

The Board of Examination of Seafarers shall not accept the application forms of the institutes unless they are accompanied by the details of ships visited by the Ratings during the course of their training. The Board of Examination of Seafarers is being advised that during viva voce, they should examine the ratings and ask them questions pertaining to the ships visited by them.

This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping & Ex - officio Addl. Secretary to the Govt. of India.


(Naresh Salecha)

Sr. Dy.Director General of Shipping


Name of Institute :-___________________________

INDoS No. :- ________________________________

Name of the Pre-sea course :-_ _________________

Batch No. :- _________________________________

No. of trainees :- _____________________________

Sr. No Name of the trainees INDoS No. Name of the Ship visited Name of the port visited Date of visit Time spent on ship
Places visited on ships
Bridge Eng. Room Cargo area

I certify that the information/details furnished above is true and accurate I also hold myself and my Institutes responsible for any factual error and shall be subjected to suitable penal action.


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