Type Approval of Life Saving Appliances (LSA)



 No.14-NT(3)/2006-PT                                                                        Date :09.05.2008


Subject: Type Approval of Life Saving Appliances (LSA)


It has been brought to the notice of this Directorate that the Surveyors of the Mercantile Marine Department while conducting Safety Equipment Surveys during the first entry survey on registration of a vessel under the Indian flag are insisting on replacement of Life Saving Appliances to Indian make with due DGS approvals.


The issue has been examined in this Directorate and the following clarification is issued.


1. Life Saving Appliances that exists while the ship is being registered under Indian flag are required to have documentary evidence of having approval of a flag administration or of a classification society, who is a member of the IACS; and due approvals in accordance with the relevant provisions of the SOLAS 74 as amended, of the relevant provisions of the Life Saving Appliances code and applicable IMO Assembly Resolutions.


2. Any subsequent Life Saving Appliances placed or installed on board the ship after its registration in India shall have the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) of the Indian Administration OR the equipment shall be manufactured in India and having approval of Directorate General of Shipping, or be supported by a LOA of the Indian flag administration.


This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping.


This circular supersedes NT Branch Circular No.NT/LSA/06/06 dated 25th July, 2006.


Nautical Surveyor-cum-DDG (Tech)

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