Carriage of Immersion Suits



No.14-NT(5)/2005                                                                      Date :11th July, 2006 


Subject: Carriage of Immersion Suits


1.  Consequent to the issuance of N.T. Branch Circular No. NT-LSA-03/2005 dated 6th December, 2005; this Directorate has been receiving requests for exempting ships, that ply in warm waters, from the carriage of Immersion Suits.  


2.  In view of the above and keeping in line with, the requirements as stipulated in SOLAS 1974 as amended (Reg.32.3), the Directorate General of Shipping exempts the carriage of Immersion Suits on all Indian ships plying; 


(a) On and around the coast of India including "BIMMS" area (Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Maldives & Sri-Lanka)


 (b) Within the enclosed water of Persian Gulf upto 30 North. 


 (c) Within the enclosed waters Red Sea upto Southern end of Suez Canal (30 N and 32 33 E). 


 (d) Upto Singapore including Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Latitude 01 18N & 103 50 E).  


(CAPT. R.K. Awasthi)
Nautical Surveyor-cum-DDG (Tech.)

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