Replacement of Life boat\Rescue boat wire falls.

Circular No. NT/Safety/03/2004


 NO:22-NT(06)/99                                                    Dated December 17, 2004


Sub: Replacement of Life boat/Rescue boat wire falls.


The Directorate has been in receipt of various queries from Indian Shipping Companies regarding the procedure to be followed for replacing life boat\Rescue boat wire falls while their vessels were outside India as Mercantile Marine Department (MMD) certified wire ropes were not available in foreign countries.

The matter was therefore carefully examined in the Directorate. In continuation of Engineering Wing Circular No. 40 issued vide No. ENG/EMMPT/SOLAS-32(1)/2004 dated 20.10.2004, the Nautical Adviser to Govt. of India under provision of Sec 2(b) of M.S. (LSA) Rules has directed that following procedure is to be adopted while Lifeboat/Rescue boat, wire falls are replaced on board Indian Ships.

1) If Lifeboat/Rescue boat wire falls are replaced while the vessel is in India, the wire falls used for replacement should be approved by Mercantile Marine Department (MMD).

2) If wire falls are replaced while the vessel is overseas, the falls should be approved by a member of International Association of Classification Society (IACS), subject to the condition that it complies with the applicable IMO standards.

(Capt. L.K. Panda)
Dy. Nautical Adviser to the Govt. of India  

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