Procedure for Reporting of Navigational Warnings



 NO:NT/NAV/WARNING/88-Pt.I                                                 Dated January12, 2004 


Sub: Procedure for Reporting of Navigational Warnings



1. Background:

There have been marked developments in communication techniques and information technology in recent years. However, it is found that reporting methodology of Navigational Warnings by Directorates allied offices has by and large remained same and there are considerable delays by the time information reaches mariners and often it is obsolete.



2. Purpose:

Therefore, in order to exploit modern communication techniques and to expeditiously pass-on the information effectively to mariners, there is a need to develop procedures in this regard.


3. Provisions:

i) Indian Merchant Shipping Act 1958, Chapter XI , Sec. 354 & 356

ii) Regulation 2 (b) of Chapter V of SOLAS 1974.


4. Scope:

Scope of this circular is to include information of interest to Safety of Navigation, Safety of Life or Marine Environment Protection on coast of India under navigational area VIII (NAVAREA VIII). Any information related to aforesaid subject/s emanating from a reliable source (such as a Governmental Agency/Officer, Port Trust officer or Master of an Indian Ship) can be directly authorized by The Principal Officer, MMD concerned for onward transmission for benefit of seafarers. In meritorious cases the Surveyor-in-charge, MMD can authorize onward transmission of such information under advise to The Principal Officer, Mercantile Marine Department concerned. 


5. Procedures:

Such Navigational Warnings must be relayed to following organization/s (as appropriate) immediately by Fax and then followed by confirmatory mail as per office procedures-


5.1  The Chief Hydrographer to The Govt. of India,
National Hydrographic Office,
107-A, Raipur Road,
Dehradun-248 001
Phone : (135) 2747360-65
Fax : (135) 2748373
E-mails :,,

5.2 Officer In charge,
Naval Chart Depot, Castle Park,
Mint Road,Mumbai-400 001.
Phone : (022) 22634604, 22664949-(Extn. 1049)
Fax : (022) 22687049

5.3 Central Telegraph Office, (BSNL) Mumbai.
Narrow Band Direct Printing Telegrahpy (NBDPT) :
Phone : (022) 22624112,
Fax : (022) 22624202,
Telex : 84441
General Phone No. : (022) 22624121, 22682130

5.4 Central Telegraph Office (BSNL), Chennai.
Narrow Band Direct Printing Telegrahpy (NBDPT)
Phone : (044)25240500) Fax : (044)25225755) Telex : 8677
General Phone No. : (044)25270971 / 2 and (044) 25240454

The Chief Hydrographer to the Govt of India (office No.5.1 above), if not already notified by the originator of the Navigational Warning, is/are to be notified as per above;

And in addition:

 i) For broadcast on Enhanced Group Calling (EGC) on INMARSAT C through Arvi Information is to be relayed using office of No.5.2 above.

 ii) For broadcast on NAVTEX (VHF/ HF Telex) Information is to be relayed using office of No. 5.3 or No.5. 4 above, as appropriate

iii) Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) harbour/port Control facilities, as applicable, may be used for relay of information if required.

All above cases are to be copied to the Nautical Adviser to the Govt. of India at this office address.

No special format is necessary for making/broadcasting aforesaid Navigational warning, however as far as is possible, appropriate prefix (where applicable) may be used to draw due attention of Mariners. Hydrographic Note (Form IH 102) issued with Indian Notices to Mariners (issue date-1st Jan /Apr/Jul/Oct of every year), may be used where appropriate.

This issues with approval of Nautical Advisor to the Govt. of India.

Yours faithfully

Capt. S.K. Shukla
(Nautical Surveyor)

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