Circular on Implementation of ISPS Code requirement on Sailing Vessels.



 No.35-NT(1)/2007                                                                                 Dated :10th October, 2008


Subject : Circular on Implementation of ISPS Code requirement on Sailing Vessels.


1. The Director General of Shipping considers that sailing vessels need to comply with certain provisions of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code.

2. All sailing vessels registered under the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 in accordance with MS (Sailing Vessel) Rules, 1997 shall comply henceforth with the following directives:

2.1 Undertake a Ship Security Assessment (SSA) through a Recognized Security Organization (RS)) in order to develop a Ship Security Plan (SSP).

2.2 Each Sailing Vessel shall carry on board a Ship Security Plan developed by the Recognized Security Organization and approved by the Director General of Shipping.

2.3 Maintain a Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) in the approved format (Annexure 1)

2.4 Maintain a Crew list in the approved format and make the same available to the concerned authorities on demand (Annexure 2).

2.5 Shall report its Expected arrival and departure times and dates to the Port Authorities of the port where the vessel is to arrive/depart at least 12 hours prior to arrival/departure. This information shall be communicated by means of VHF and positively by means of a document in the approved format (Annexure 3) through their owners/agents/managers/charterers.

2.6 Maintain an approved ship log book for recording all essential activities and preserving the logs for inspection by the concerned authorities.

(Capt. R. K. Awasthi)
Nautical Surveyor cum
Dy. Director General of Shipping (Tech)

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