Chartering - special type of vessel permission at two stages

Shipping Development Circular No.10 of 2003

NO: SD-9/CHRT(47)/03-Pt                                                                    Dated August 25, 2003

Sub: Chartering - Special type of vessel permission at two stages

Some charterers and importer/exporters have requested for special type of vessel permission at two stages i.e. one at the preliminary stage when they are not able to finalize the name of the vessel along with other details and subsequently at second stage after the vessel is identified. The issue has been considered in the Directorate and following procedure is laid down.

1. Preliminary permission will be considered on merit of the case for a period not exceeding 6 months at a time at the first stage on the request of charterer.

2. Since it will involve two stages processing, the fee will have to be paid by the charterer twice i.e. once for preliminary approval and second for final approval.

3. At the time of final approval, the charterer will have to obtain NOC from INSA.

4. In case any Indian ship is available meeting all the requirements and meeting the rate, the charterer will have to consider the same and in such eventuality the final approval may not be possible.

It is however, advised that the charterer should try to take only one time approval rather than two stage approval.

This will come into force from the date of issue of this circular.

This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping and ex-officio Addl. Secretary to the Govt. of India.

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