Carriage of Dangerous Goods - Packaging Certification


F.No.21-NT(1)/97-II                                                                               Dated November 24, 2003

Sub:Carriage of Dangerous Goods - Packaging Certification

 1. Carriage of Dangerous cargo in package form or in solid form in bulk is governed in accordance with Chapter VII of the SOLAS Convention as amended from time to time. Chapter VII gives the broad generic requirements for carriage of dangerous goods. The detail of carriage, certification, testing, training etc. are enumerated in the IMDG Code consisting of 3 volumes The principles of Chapter VII of SOLAS Convention and IMDG Code are encompassed in various sections of the M. S. (Carriage of Cargo) Rules, 1995.

2. In accordance with Chapter 4.1 of the IMDG Code, unless provided elsewhere in the IMDG Code, each packaging including IBC and large packaging should conform to a design type, successfully tested in accordance with the provisions under Chapter VI of the Code. The competent authority shall ensure that the packaging, type, the material and the testing are carried out in accordance with the provisions under the code and the same carry a certificate conforming to the requirements of the Code.

3. Chapter VI of the IMDG Code lays down the provisions for the construction, testing and approval of the packages to be used for carriage of IMDG Cargo.

4. Understanding the importance of certification and noting the expertise of Indian Institute of Packaging in the field, the Director General of Shipping had delegated the authority of testing and certification to Indian Institute of Packaging. The Indian Institute of Packaging at Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata have been carrying out this work since the date of implementation i.e. from November 1997.

5. Considering that the packaging industry has grown in size and in quality and the fact that frequent approval of Indian Institute of Packaging inhibit export obligations, the Nautical Advisor to the Govt. of India will, in addition to Certification by IIP, also consider self certification to the manufacturers who meet the criterion as mentioned in Annex I.

6. This issues with the approval of the Nautical Adviser to the Govt. of India.

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