Guidelines regarding chartering of foreign flag oil tankers

Shipping Development Circular No.7 of 2003

NO: SD-13/POL(5)/2003                                                                             Dated 11.6.2003

Sub: Guidelines regarding chartering of foreign flag oil tankers

The possible environmental hazard from sub-standard foreign flag oil tankers calling at Indian Ports has been engaging the attention of this Directorate for some time. Many countries have decided to tighten inspection compaign of oil tankers regardless of their age, in order to check entry of sub-standard oil tankers within the Port limits.

2. This issue has been deliberated at length with the charterers of oil tankers and oil terminal operators on 08th April, 2003 and 06th June, 2003 at this Directorate. They have readily accepted the concern of the Administration and after careful consideration of their views, it has been decided that the following minimum guidelines need to be adhered to by the charteres and oil terminal operators while in-chartering of foreign flag oil tankers:-

(i) Crude oil carriers with SBT/PL - below 25 years age
(ii) All product tankers with SBT/PL - below 25 years age
(iii) Chemical tankers - below 25 years age
(iv) Gas tankers to fully comply with - below 30 years age GC/IGC Code
(v) All tankers must be classed with major IACS Society, or the Indian Register of Shipping.
(vi) All tankers above 20 years must have at least CAP 2 rating (for hull, machinery and cargo equipment) from IACS.
(vii) Tanker charterers and Oil Terminals shall exercise due diligence in ensuring the quality of tankers in-chartered.

3. The above guidelines for contracts/charters shall come into force from the 01st September, 2003.

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