Vision & Mission statement

Vision Statement

To be recognized globally as a highly effective,efficient ,responsible and progressive maritime administration


Mission Statement


  1. Provide an effective supervisory and regulatory regime conducive to;

    1.1 achieve ,safe,efficient and secure shipping,
    1.2 protect the marine environment,
    1.3 all round growth of maritime university and

  2. Provide support to the Government of India in developing and implementing a holistic and integrated maritime development program that has a positive impact on national economy;
  3. Develop and Implement policies that facilitate an environment which is conducive for promoting an investment in the expansion of a modern merchant fleet under the indian flag and develop globally competitive ship building and repair facilities;
  4. Develop and sustain a high quality human resource management catering to the needs of global including national maritime industry for competent seaferers;
  5. Ensure good governance by adhering to the highest standards of integrity,quality and efficiency in delivery of shipping services through consatnat innovation ,technology upgradation and value addition
  6. Develop measures to ensure compliance of relevant international instruments relating to safety and security of ships,protection of environment ans welfare of seaferers.


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