Our Strength

Seafaring has been the world’s first globalized industry. India, being a labour intensive country, has always provided quality seafarers for national and international shipping. India is recognized globally, as a reliable and important source of marine manpower. Indian seafarers, both officers and the rating are much sought after by the Maritime Nation of the World. The above credentials earned by the Indian seafarers is due to their technical competence, positive attitude, dedication to the work and skills. At present Indian seafarers represent approximately, 6.6 % of the World Seafarers comprising of roughly 30,000 offices and 80,000 ratings. The well tailored pre-sea training courses, the structured post sea courses combined with a well managed education and training system in established and controlled Maritime Training Institutions, provides the basic foundation for the talented sea carrier for the Indian seafarers. The rigorous examination pattern available in India also adds competency level of these trained seafarers.

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