Grievance Redressal

The nature of the seafarers’ job limits their opportunity to be ashore for only short durations, which put a time-barrier/constraint on them to resolve their individual/personal problems. The seafarers were approaching the DG Shipping and their allied offices for redressing their grievances The Maritime Labour Convention [MLC] addresses the issues & concerns entailing the resolution of grievances of seafarers through on-board [vessel] complaint procedures, as well as onshore seafarer complaint-handling procedures. A grievance redressal mechanism separately available for Indian seafarers that makes for their swift ground level resolution, will. as a paradigim, effectively, further strengthen grievances redressal for Indian seafarers, as a confidence - building measure by providing wider access to the seafarers to• address their grievances. Therefore, the Indian Maritime Administration has promulgated a well structured grievance mechanism for Indian seafarers vide Crew Branch Circular M.S. Notice No. 03 of 2013 (F. No. CR/Grievance Redressal/2013) dated 30.01.2013.

The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006, under it’s Regulation 5.1.5 also stipulates that each of its Member-State shall require that ships that fly its flag have their on-board procedures for the fair, effective and expeditious handling of seafarer complaints/grievances alleging breaches of the requirements of this Convention (including seafarers’ rights). Hence, an on-board compliant mechanism has also been developed for seafarers serving on Indian flag vessel, vide M.S. Notice No. 04 of 2013 (F. No. CR/Grievance(on board)/75/12) dated 30.01.2013.

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